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 I'm not that new but this is my first post

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Location : Guayaquil, Ecuador
Registration date : 2006-03-10

PostSubject: I'm not that new but this is my first post   Sat 11 Mar 0:19

Smile Hello everyone, I've been a member of this group for a while now but never have I made the time to post anything so I guess an introduction is in order.
I'm Monica, 39 years old, as you can see I live in Ecuador, South America, currently working full time at an insurance agency as operative manager.
I write English everyday since I work with many insurance companies from all around the world and of course the language for it all is this. I also have lived in the States wich was a leg up for my English skills. The main reason I subscribed to ESL Podcast is that I don't have anyone to talk to in English here, so I took it as a way to keep my ear trained, so to speak; so although it's a little slow for me and sometimes makes me sleepy is still a good, easy, free tool to really listen some good american English.
Ok, that's enough talking for my first post. Looking forward to hearing from you all very soon.
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Location : Hangzhou,China
Registration date : 2006-03-03

PostSubject: Re: I'm not that new but this is my first post   Sat 11 Mar 9:20

hi Monica,welcome to this forum!you speak spanish,aren't you? I'd love to learn spanish pretty much.Very Happy I'm Double,21,college student.
hope to see you soon,have a nice day!
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I'm not that new but this is my first post
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