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 Taslima Nasreen

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PostSubject: Taslima Nasreen   Thu 16 Mar à 2:36

I just ended yesterday Lajja from taslima Nasreen. Who read that ? For that book a Fatwa has been pronounced against her and so, since then she lived afraid to be killed by a fanatic. The bengladesh government banned this book.
the book is about all communautarism. She chose his example in his country Bangaldesh and in the fact that people were fired because they were hindu and not muslems. The author set his face against indians ( hindu extremists) who have burnt a mosque and condemned them deeply but he condamned muslims who have burnt a temple too! the author pointed out how people can remain silent when a few are violent trying to avoid the subject, closing their eyes, forgetting for a moment the friends they used to have.
She s also a woman s right activist. She said "Nature says women are human beings, men have made religions to deny it. Nature says women are human beings, men cry out NO "
Who want to add Comment before i do ?
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Taslima Nasreen
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