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Location : Russia
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PostSubject: Russia   Wed 22 Mar 10:51

Hi, Everyone. At last I found some time to contribute to this forum.
First of all a few words about me. My name is Konstantin. I live in Russia. At this moment I'm a unemployed. I got my high school certificate a month ago and now I'm waiting for a time I could start to work (some bureaucratic preparation must be done for this).
I guess most of you have some information about Russia. This general infomation you probably could get from newspapars. TV programms and so on. But I'm not sure that anyone of you know something about the city I live, about Togliatti.
Togliatti is a relativly young, fast growing industrial city. Tha population is around 750.000. Togliatti was names after the italian communist party leader Palmiro Togliatti in 1964. The main reason is that the car plant in our city, AutoVAZ, was built with the technical help of fiat company. AvtoVAZ is the main attractive of our city. The cars that poduces AutoVAZ are known as LADA. Probably you hear something about this cars.
Besides the car plant we have here several other industial plants. Becаuse of that the city's ecology is at the low level. But there are many frees here and a river so it is not so bad at all. My house is next to forest and I like to go there for a walk. In winter I like to ski there.
The main reason I love my city is that it is very compact and comfortable. I think Togliatti has everything you need for you life in a small area. There are many cultural places, sport facilities, educational institutions and helth centers here. One can say that Togliatti has all the advantages of a big city without its disadvantages like long traffic jams. Of couse this sutiation is not everlasting. The city is growing very fast and in some yaers we will face all the problems big cities have.
Nevertheless I belive that all these problems would be solved and Togliatti will remain as good as it is now and in some ways better.
Hope you will find all I have written here intersting.
I'm willing to answer all you questions.
Thanks Sebastien for this opportunity.
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Location : culemborg, holland
Registration date : 2006-03-08

PostSubject: Re: Russia   Wed 22 Mar 16:05

Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for your information.

I'm going to search in my worldatlas for your city Togliatti, It doesn't sounds Russian but you explaned that allready.
What kind of work are you gonna do ? Question

750.000 inhabitants is very much comparing with the nearly 3.500 that lives in my village. But we don't have a famous car plant over here.

you're very lucky to live in a bigger city and also near to a forest. In our part of the country there are no forests, only rivers and fruit-trees. When i want to go to the woods with my family i've got to travel about 10 kilometers.

Greatings from Holland
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Location : Russia
Registration date : 2006-03-20

PostSubject: Re: Russia   Fri 24 Mar 18:41

Hi betuwe.
Thanks for your note.

My future job will be concerned with sheet metal stamping. I wiil work as an engineer in a laboratory. Unfortunatly this is not what I studied for in the university. My specialization is laser systems. Out plant has laser laboratory but there was no vacant place for me so they offered me the place in another laboratory. Maybe in the future I will have a chance to work with lasers. Nevertheless I'm glad to find a job and I'm sure it wouldl be interesting for me.

It's a pitty you haven't woods next to your house. When I studied in the university I lived in another city where I was in the same situation. I missed the forest. I spent much time there when I was a child. That's why I'm happy to live in Togliatti again.
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Location : Hangzhou,China
Registration date : 2006-03-03

PostSubject: Re: Russia   Sat 25 Mar 17:10

hi Konstantin Very Happy
good to see you here,hope you will find a job you like it and of course,well pay,waiting for your good news soon. flower
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PostSubject: Re: Russia   

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